Celeste – Vienna

MRM Trio - Džukljev/Herbst/Gladović

Beč | Celeste – Vienna

13. 03. 2023 | 20:00

MRM Trio - Džukljev/Herbst/Gladović



Marina Džukljev – organ/eco tiger
Richie Herbst – modular synthesizer
Miodrag Gladović – electric guitar, electronics
“MRM TRIO consists of well-known musicians of the experimental scene from Serbia, Austria and Croatia. I have been following Marina Džukljev’s work for a while now. In the last years she has been very active in the international scene, definitely a pianist we will hear a lot from in the future!
MRM trio strives to discover hidden sounds through improvisational interplay of dynamic and dense drones, processed, modulated and fused in a live setting. The band was born at the 5th Improcon Congress of Free Thought and Music in Bistrica ob Sotli in Slovenia 2019. Marina, Richie and Mijo, the few Improcon participants with non-portable instruments, soon felt a mutual “chemistry” and immediately recorded an in-situ album “EARS ARE FOR RINGING”, which was released on the Austrian label Interstellar Records in 2023. The trio performed at the festivals in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Slovakia and their recordings were broadcast on Austrian, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian radio stations. Come and sharpen your ears for ringing!”
(Elisabeth Harnik)

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